How to Sport this Summer Shirts Trend?

It's humid, hot, and dry. That's how we describe summer here in the U.A.E. As the mercury rises, you'll be thinking of dropping your collars and the sleeves of your shirt in exchange of a lighter and cooler tank tops or T-shirts. Don't worry you're not alone as I myself is guilty of having that…Read more How to Sport this Summer Shirts Trend?


How Cool Guys Sports Fanny Packs

Like magic, no one predicted comeback of the belt bags/fanny packs.  Even Instagram's infamous algorithm didn't see it coming. Belt bags doesn't reside in the waist area anymore, instead it is  worn like a body bag hanging from the front of your torso which allows mobility just like in the 80's. Bag: Herschell Pull Over:…Read more How Cool Guys Sports Fanny Packs

Beat the Weather with Layering featuring Helmut Lang

In the past few days, Dubai weather has been so unpredictable.  So to cope up with the ever changing weather here in the sandpit, a guy should invest in a well-tailored jacket and a hoodie. The key is proper layering. I wore this long line mustard tee from H&M and layered it with a Baleno…Read more Beat the Weather with Layering featuring Helmut Lang

2016 #OOTD Compilation

Happy New Year my loves! I would like to say thank you to everyone who supported our blog, to the Marketing & PR agencies, to our friends, our avid readers and of course The Lord Almighty. This blog post is all about my OOTD's from last year. I didn't include some of the photos that…Read more 2016 #OOTD Compilation

London Calling Part 2

April 2011 when I first visited London, from that day forward I promised myself to visit the beautiful and diverse Britain's capital again.  July 2016 marks the day to fulfill that promised I made myself 5 years ago, this time around my main purpose is to study, leisure is just an option. It took me…Read more London Calling Part 2