Sweet Scape at Sugar Marina Art

During my visit in Phuket, Sugar Marina Art Hotel is what I called home away from home. Art installation and display are very visible within the area I guess this what set's them apart from the other Sugar Marnina Hotel properties, not to mention all these art are done by their in-house artist accompanied by…Read more Sweet Scape at Sugar Marina Art


SEA ME at Level Seven

Recently one of our favorite luxury chain of hotels and resorts hosted a sumptuous seafood dinner, somehow this reminds Khel of his visit in the Maldives a decade ago. The hotel has recently opened its doors in June and I tell you what, it looks very promising specially for the trendy, chic and fashionable people…Read more SEA ME at Level Seven


After a short stay in Bangkok I decided to continue my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Took a seven good hours’ bus ride from Mochit station where you could also purchase bus tickets to places like Laos and Vietnam. I booked mine online since I’m doing this for the first time and worried that I…Read more ANKOR WHAT?

Plantation by the Bay

We were invited to spend our weekend breakfast at Plantation restaurant at The Sofitel The Walk JBR. It is a 5 mins Taxi ride from Dubai Marina Mall. When we entreated the restaurant, I must admit the ambience makes me feel that I was transported in one of the restaurants somewhere in Spain. The look…Read more Plantation by the Bay