Legit Thrift Shopping / Ukay Ukay Guide in Sharjah

I always wanted to challenge myself on getting things that are currently on trend without breaking my bank. I did some research on the internet on where is the best place to go thrift shopping and I stumble upon Dar al Huriah which is located in Sharjah Industrial area. Actually, I didn't see any blog write-up on…Read more Legit Thrift Shopping / Ukay Ukay Guide in Sharjah


Damn Those Denims!!!!!

Who loves denim? I sure everyone loves wearing them, whether if it's dinner with friends, running daily errands or a casual date over the weekend . But, what if you leveled-up your denim game by wearing a denim on denim ensemble or a denim suit like mine. Wearing this ensembles is not everyone's basic style…Read more Damn Those Denims!!!!!

How Cool Guys Sports Fanny Packs

Like magic, no one predicted comeback of the belt bags/fanny packs.  Even Instagram's infamous algorithm didn't see it coming. Belt bags doesn't reside in the waist area anymore, instead it is  worn like a body bag hanging from the front of your torso which allows mobility just like in the 80's. Bag: Herschell Pull Over:…Read more How Cool Guys Sports Fanny Packs


Wearing floral has always been associated with summer. Flowers, leaves, coconut trees are common prints most brand will paint their shirts during this season.  Guys tends to wear these prints with light colored denims or trousers, because that's the easiest way to style them and to tell the world "Hey! It's Summer". You know me…Read more Fine-Apple

The 90’s is Back

90's back baby! "What goes around comes around" this is not only intended to Karma but with fashion as well.  Sometimes you're in, and sometimes you're out. Upon browsing the old photos posted by my parents in their FaceBook accounts (Yes, Mom and Dad has social media and they're very active on it) I got…Read more The 90’s is Back