Sony Xperia XZ Premium X La Perle Dubai

Last February 20, 2018, I was lucky enough to be part of a small group of bloggers to witness and experience La Perle in collaboration with Sony XZ Premium.

La Perle offers a different kind of show experience, offering death-defying stunts, projector mapping, light show, great musical scoring and water show. Produced by Dragone, who has fathered Cirque de Soleil, so you know you’re into a treat.

We were greeted by the Sony Mobile Middle East marketing team headed by Ms. Gita Gheammaghami and the PR and Events Manager of La Perle Hanna Shanks.

She gave us the brief of the agenda was all about and let Hanna give us a tour of the behind the scene and whats happening backstage.

From Left to right (@mariosaaiby, @slavanoor, @themetrosapien,@shesonthelist, @sanaonfood and @sliceofdubai)

1st of the agenda is a backstage tour of La Perle wherein we’re able to see the rehearsal area, dance studio, costumes and the people behind La Perle that makes it magical and memorable. (No Photos allowed in this area.)

2nd part is the unboxing and a short tutorial on how to use the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Luckily, I’m an android user that’s why it was an easy job for me to really get thru the in and out of the unit plus my knowledge of basic photography on using the manual mode for the camera set-up. I forgot to snap my own unboxing whilst I’m using Slava’s snap here. I got the Chrome Color tho.

3rd is a short catch-up session with the fellow bloggers and influencers at Zoco Restaurant before the show starts. Of course, I got some cocktails and tried their Beef Tacos.

and Lastly, watching the show which is undoubtedly breathe-taking. We were given the task of capturing the motions of the La Perle performers  using the Sony Xperia XZ Premium unit. I got the difficulty of focusing my attention on watching and enjoying while having the pressure of taking that perfect moment. Every scene is breathtakingly beautiful and creatively thought after. There were performers coming out from different directions, from the ceiling, centre pool and the sides.  Some are suspended from the ceiling in up and down motion and all over the place accompanied by perfectly time lighting and sound effects.

So here are the photos I took during the Show which is Untouched/ Un-Edited. It’s a combination of setting up the manual mode, adjusting the shutter speed and ISO and using the Superior Auto Mode while using the Sony XZ Premium

One of my favourite part the Sphear of Death. 5 Motorbikes in 1 Sphear you do the math.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos I posted here using the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. I didn’t show much of the acrobats as I wanted you to watch it and experience it yourselves.


I’m really happy with the outcome of the photos I took using the Sony  Xperia XZ Premium. The colours were vivid and sharp with the use of my advanced settings in the manual mode plus the additional help of that physical built-in shutter button (Sony Exclusive). The Superior Auto Mode is helpful too, as it helps do an auto predict on what the subject is and apply the best settings to achieve that gorgeous shot. The best thing that I like about the unit is how simple and user-friendly the camera interface is. Simple set-up, not much clutter on the screen, and easy-access to the settings menu.

Can’t wait to test it more.

Get your tickets at or call + 971 4 437 0001


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