Who loves denim? I sure everyone loves wearing them, whether if it’s dinner with friends, running daily errands or a casual date over the weekend . But, what if you leveled-up your denim game by wearing a denim on denim ensemble or a denim suit like mine.

Wearing this ensembles is not everyone’s basic style . Some time’s you might end-up looking like a cowboy or the Justin Timberlake and Britney during the VMA’s. See example below. LOL

credit to Billboard

I think, the best way to wear a full denim ensamble without looking tacky and trashy is getting the right shade. Rather than having them in acid wash, go for dark tones, because they are easy to pull-off,  last longer and something that can be worn day to night.

So, here’s my  attempt on wearing such look.

ManvelopeZara Man | SocksStance | ShoesPull & Bear | Sunnies – Quay

I’m wearing a 2pc Denim Suit from Kinyobi x Friday x Oumo (Splash), actually this suit was gifted to me by Jay-Ar 3 years ago, who happens to be my flat mate and a very good friend. This is the 2nd time I  was able to wear this.

Why after 3 years? 1st, I need to muster the courage of wearing such a statement look, and 2nd, is alteration. You heard me right, when I got this suit it was not the right fit for me. So I asked my tailor to do some adjustments. I asked him to make the bottom of my trouser shorter, side tapered my jacket to fit my waist, add darts at the back to give shape to the jacket and shorten up the sleeves. Viola! It’s like owning a made-to-measure suit.


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