Damn Those Denims!!!!!

Who loves denim? I sure everyone loves wearing them, whether if it's dinner with friends, running daily errands or a casual date over the weekend . But, what if you leveled-up your denim game by wearing a denim on denim ensemble or a denim suit like mine. Wearing this ensembles is not everyone's basic style…Read more Damn Those Denims!!!!!


The Zou Zou Experience

A friend of ours invited us to dine in at ZouZou La Mer, at first we were a bit hesitant to say yes as we had a not so very pleasant experience the last time we were there.  We love the interior and vibe of this resto even during our first visit. They also have…Read more The Zou Zou Experience

How Cool Guys Sports Fanny Packs

Like magic, no one predicted comeback of the belt bags/fanny packs.  Even Instagram's infamous algorithm didn't see it coming. Belt bags doesn't reside in the waist area anymore, instead it is  worn like a body bag hanging from the front of your torso which allows mobility just like in the 80's. Bag: Herschell Pull Over:…Read more How Cool Guys Sports Fanny Packs