90’s back baby! “What goes around comes around” this is not only intended to Karma but with fashion as well.  Sometimes you’re in, and sometimes you’re out. Upon browsing the old photos posted by my parents in their FaceBook accounts (Yes, Mom and Dad has social media and they’re very active on it) I got inspired on how simple the style trend back in the days. On the present day, 90’s inspired pieces are crippling to designer’s collection like crop tops, vintage graphic tees, denim on denim, wide leg jeans, high cuts, and now the Coca Cola collaborations.

Here are some of the inspirations with the modern twist:

Here my take with the 90’s look: Tucked my Hollister shirt with my H&M high waist jeans.

Put these funky stickers that I bought from Armenia to my Old Adidas x Pharell Superstar to add character to my shoes.

Photos were taken using Huawei P10 Plus and edited using VSCO app only.

Photos by: Khel Recuenco
Styling and Directing: Yours Truly
Location: Souq Al Bahar, Dubai Down Town


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