Turkey is one of my favorite holiday destination, in fact I had been there many times to the point my friends invite me and be their tour guide. What makes me come back and fancy Turkey? I think this is not even a question to ask. Aside from the beautiful, rustic and very authentic culture and structure, the food is my second reason why I always love to go back. Did I tell how delicious and mouthwatering their food is!?… I’m salivating right now while I’m typing (drooling) this entry. I can still remember vividly how tasteful and palatable their food is. The good news is, you don’t have to Fly and spend a lot of time and money looking for that perfect place to eat in Turkey.

Gunaydin Dubai has recently open its doors for a total Turkish cuisine experience. Their specialties such as Kebabs, meat dishes and salads are just too good not to try (eat) them all. I love how they cook their meat without overpowering spices, just the right amount of salt and the natural flavors of meat. Their salad is not just fresh, the richness of dressing and cheese makes me not to share it. Hahahah. Our recent visit at Gunaydin gives us the full flavors of Turkish cuisine.We were also able to meet the very humble Mr Cuneyt Asan who is the co founder of Gunaydin, a meat expert and the “Fastest Butcher in the World”- how’s that!? Lastly the staff are very helpful and polite, If I’m not mistaken 90% of the kitchen staff are directly hired from Turkey to make sure everything is served the way Turkish does.

Still not convinced? Head now at Gunaydin and get the first hand experience and let us know your feedback at the comment box.

Contact them at:

Gunaydin Dubai

Location: Waterfront Promenade, Souk Al Bahar – Dubai

Contact No: 04 554 0700

Store Timing: 12PM–12AM



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