In the past few days, Dubai weather has been so unpredictable.  So to cope up with the ever changing weather here in the sandpit, a guy should invest in a well-tailored jacket and a hoodie. The key is proper layering. I wore this long line mustard tee from H&M and layered it with a Baleno Hoodie and this vintage field jacket from Helmut Lang which helps me beat the weather. I can use the hoodie just in case it drizzle, and the field jacket as additional layer to protect me from cold breeze.

Helmut Lang is a fashion autodidact, set-up a made-to-measure fashion studio in Viena, Austria. Well known for minimalistic, deconstructive, and server approach in their design.

visit them: www.helmutlang.com

Luckily when I shoot this post the sun was up but and I can still feel the cold it is outside. To make the look more cohesive, I matched it with khaki H&M cargo shorts and Zara leather slip-on sandals.

what about you guys, how do you cope up with this unpredictable weather?










2 thoughts on “Beat the Weather with Layering featuring Helmut Lang

    • Hi Mond! Investing in a good pair of hoodies will get you a long way. I highly suggest buy hoodies that can be match with any color. Go Black, navy, maroon and gray.


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