In a world filled with disposable fashion and has been dominated by Athleisure, there are still some items that are here for the long haul.

Green is the color of the year and will be visible throughout… It may be one of the hardest color to pull off,  so here are some ways on how to wear green without looking like a tree., LOL. Try to avoid combining browns and green or red and green if you don’t want to look like a Christmas Ornament,  but if not possible get a darker shade of green and pair it with khaki, this might be a good option if you’re opting for a boy scout look. Kidding aside, this is my approach on embracing green.

Tough It Up.

Wear it with Leather Biker jacket, ripped jeans and good pair of chelsea boots. The entire ensemble reminds me of Topgun movie where Tom Cruise is the leading character. The H&M Leather Biker Jacket gives character to the entire look, while the skinny ripped jeans from Zara allows my legs to breath and move freely.  Did I mention chelsea boots is one of the season’s must have and key pieces inside a mens wardrobe. You may want to pop in at H&M’s store closest to you and check their collection. They have good range of boots and are pretty comfortable too.




Sunnies: RayBan from Al Yateem


Boots: Chelsea Boots by H&M





Leather Barrel Bag: Fred Perry


For more of an androgynous look wear it with a hooded jacket from Zara.




Colour Pairing Guidelines

Similar Colours (Easiest To Pair): Yellow greens and blue greens.
Contrasting Colours (Harder To Pair): Reds and violets.
Complementary Colours (Hardest To Pair): Mauve pinks.
Recommended: Blue, white and grey.


Location: Dubai Mall

Photographer: Doyle Deistro


4 thoughts on “How to Wear Green and Look Bad-ass

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