What more can be exciting finding a place that serves excellent coffee and a perfect spot to hangout with your friends or simply do your stuff like blogging. Located somewhere in the new City Walk district 2 lies the new % Arabica. From a far you will see the distinct high ceiling, huge windows,…Read more %ARABICA


What to wear for a Casual Meeting

Working as a part-time event planner and program director specializes in wedding, meetings goes from left to right from couples planning their big day, hotels and suppliers. In this industry wearing formal is not necessary but you have to wear something decent, dignify and smart. The key is look smart. The overall look is what…Read more What to wear for a Casual Meeting

Oh No not Again Nando’s

Christmas came early this year because Nando's has added new flavours and we just can't stop talking about it.  We were invited to the exclusive 1st hand tasting of the new flavor at Nando's The Burj Residences, Down Town Dubai. We were greeted by the ever fun and accommodating staffs of House of Comms and Nando's…Read more Oh No not Again Nando’s