Recently one of our favorite luxury chain of hotels and resorts hosted a sumptuous seafood dinner, somehow this reminds Khel of his visit in the Maldives a decade ago. The hotel has recently opened its doors in June and I tell you what, it looks very promising specially for the trendy, chic and fashionable people of Dubai. The hotel is situated at the Habtoor city alongside The St Regis and Sofitel at the other end.  The hotel is also known for their vibrant lounges, contemporary interior and innovative cocktails and cuisines. Expect the extraordinary…

Khel and I had an opportunity to visit and dine in one of their Fabulous restaurants. As we entered Level Seven we were greeted by the hostesses with a huge smile and excitement on their faces…We could already feel how trendy and vibrant the vibe is. The huge “ SEA ME Wednesday” signboard in bold and flamboyant letters placed by the door is very quirky and inviting. Obviously, it was a seafood night, but then it wasn’t…
We were accompanied to our table by one of the servers who immediately gave us the cocktail menu and briefed us about the theme of the night. The white wine is perfectly chilled upon serving it to us. While enjoying the wine, we can’t stop ourselves from staring at the ceiling. The suspended polished industrial lamp and kitchenware all over the place is genius.
We were seated near the open kitchen area where the magic begins. Yey The world is in our favor! Easy access to almost all the food in the area. Did I tell you it wasn’t just seafood!? The restaurant also serves Mediterranean cuisine, NOT 1 BUT 7. Craving for Paella or salivating for something grilled meat or simply a succulent roast beef and mashed potatoes? All these are within our reached. The salad and starter bar serves luscious fresh produce. The wine cellar is beautifully lit next to it. Never skip the dessert station this is a rule of thumb and probably one of the many highlights during our visit aside from the fresh catch of the night. The éclairs, brownies, and crème brulee were all mouth watering, the strawberry cheesecake ice cream has enough sweetness and smoothness to it. What else can you ask for? Everything is just in one roof.
Oh before I forgot, they also have servers rounding the area carrying fish and chips and calamari baskets for your consumption, another unique experience.
We only have one concern, we requested for a grilled meat and king prawns and specifically asked for medium cooked but it turned out a bit burnt and dried. It was a very busy in the kitchen when we placed our order, that must be the reason why it got burnt.  Overall we had a great Experience. The servers and the managers are always there to assist and chit chat. The entire place is spotless from the kitchen all the way to the dining area.
Indeed, it is WHATEVER you need WHENEVER you need it by W hotel Dubai.
PS, Visit the  WET DECK (outdoor pool and bar), the entire place is well decorated with sleek sunbathing chairs and cabanas perfect for staycation. Check out our snaps for more details




For inquiries contact:


Location: W Dubai – Al Habtoor City ,Sheikh Zayed Road,Dubai,UAE

Tel: +971 4 436 6677




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