Been busy the whole week working on a project, at last, it’s weekend and not just an ordinary weekend but a longer weekend, I honestly I don’t have a plan of going out due to scorching heat outside. I could only think of a bed with clean and crisp linen sheet and good movies/series to watch. Yes!!! this is how  I envisioned spending my holiday. Luckily we have friends who invited us to go on a road trip. Of course, I said yes :). Who am I to refuse an adventure with free lunch to go with it. LOL

1st stop is somewhere new and the pictures have been circulating all over social media and the social butterflies of the cosmopolitan UAE  for quite some time. This place is somewhere located at the outskirt of Dubai bordering Abu Dhabi. It took us 30 – 40 minutes drive from our place (without traffic). During the drive, I realized why they call it this name. It was literally The Last Exit.

Upon reaching the area, it feels like you are magically transported to an entirely different place. It’s like attending Burning Man or Coachella in the Texan Dessert. Who would have thought that such place exists somewhere in the middle of nowhere? I guess The Last Exit was built to accommodate travelers from Abu Dhabi going to the northern part of the region. It is the best place for a quick stopover, chill while enjoying and imbibing the ambiance along with a good food and uniquely decorated gourmet food trucks and kiosks

Did I tell you how quirky and rough the entire place is!!?? Imagine a vintage tire as your lavatory and an old gasoline pedal along with its handle as a water faucet. Imagine dining inside a car workshop less the mess and the grease. I love all the small details that were put together to achieved a fun vibe yet everyone can appreciate it especially the car enthusiasts.  So many options to choose from whether you are craving for something Mexican, a fancy cafè Latte or simply whatever your taste palates’s salivating for. It may be too hot if you opted to stay outdoor but It’s all worth visiting the place. This place is already a big hit, I just can’t wait to go back there in the near future, perhaps during the cold season. The Last Exit is open 24 hrs which mean you can drop by any time of the day.  I only have good words to say about this place.

In case you arrived as early as 4 AM (like we did) Grab yourself a cup of coffee, find a good spot and wait for the sunrise. As we bid goodbye and headed to our next stop, we can’t stop thinking how progressive Dubai is and we can’t just wait for more attractions like THE LAST EXIT.


The best time to visit The Last Exit is around 4am to 5am, witnessing the sunrise is just spectacular.


20160909_053337 20160909_053418



Coffee? need no worry Starbucks is here to save the day.



colorful food stalls snap by Faisal


Thank you Faisal for the great images.



Tag your fierce friend 🙂


Nothing can complete this experience without food. Hotdog sandwich and fries.





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