SEA ME at Level Seven

Recently one of our favorite luxury chain of hotels and resorts hosted a sumptuous seafood dinner, somehow this reminds Khel of his visit in the Maldives a decade ago. The hotel has recently opened its doors in June and I tell you what, it looks very promising specially for the trendy, chic and fashionable people…Read more SEA ME at Level Seven


The Last Frontier – Where Dubai Meets Abu Dhabi

Been busy the whole week working on a project, at last, it's weekend and not just an ordinary weekend but a longer weekend, I honestly I don't have a plan of going out due to scorching heat outside. I could only think of a bed with clean and crisp linen sheet and good movies/series to watch.…Read more The Last Frontier – Where Dubai Meets Abu Dhabi


After a short stay in Bangkok I decided to continue my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Took a seven good hours’ bus ride from Mochit station where you could also purchase bus tickets to places like Laos and Vietnam. I booked mine online since I’m doing this for the first time and worried that I…Read more ANKOR WHAT?