Vatican and Rome, Italy

4th league of our trip Vatican City and Rome, Italy Viva Italia!!!!! Pizza, pasta and wine… these are the few things that cross into your mind when you hear the place Italy. Aside from the food, Italy offers you breathe taking view that is rich in culture and history.┬áIf you’re a fan of Roman History…

Into The Netherlands

3rd League is the beautiful country of Netherlands. Lakas maka Fault in Our Stars ang cover photo namin no? Our trip is consist of the following: The Heineken Experience, Gassan Diamond Tour, Van Gohg Museum, Pictures with IAMSTERDAM, Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, Red Light District (No Picture Here), Sex Museum and Country Side Tour. So…

What to Hang and What to Fold

Hand or Fold? This is the common questions we are asking our selves every time we are arranging and organizing our closets. Sometime we came to a point arguing to our selves whether we did the right thing or not. So here’s a quick guide on which is which.

Be Brussels, Belgium

2nd league is Brussels, Belgium. The trip from Garu de Norde to Brussels, Belgium is only 3 hrs with free WIFI connection inside the train. We tour Brussels for a day only because its a Small City with rich in culture and history.

Eiffel In Love in Paris

Been traveling a lot to GCC but never thought that I’ll be travelling to Europe. It started as a random thought with my friends and eventually came to reality to travel and explore Europe. Yes it took us almost a year to plan this trip. Luckily some of my friends are good at planning and…

1st Post

This is not my 1st time to blog, actually I used to blog long time back since college days when was introduced to me by my classmate. Wasn’t able to maintain it and it was closed down. Let me try again this time….